Sam Petulla

Visual Journalist, NBC News

Recent articles

Left in the Lurch

I shared a byline on a recent NBC News project about the future of the Democratic party. I analyzed data to shape the piece's editorial direction, made visualizations, wrote models and front-end code and copyedited the piece.

Immigration Ban Graphic Explainer

Comprehensive overview of Trump's immigration and refugee ban.

How Democrats Voted on Trump's Cabinet (on-going)

Ongoing project that will be updated over February to stretch our CMS's article capabilities.

Write-up of Police-related Deaths
Write-up of Muslim population overestimates
Life of a Ballot

Recent projects

Mapbuilder + Chartbuilder

I'm working in partnership with Quartz on their next Chartbuilder React app to support maps and diagrams. Upcoming release will be at the linked branch. Code converts Chartbuilder to ES2015 JS is optimized with basic search tree algorithms.

NBC News Election Results

I oversaw visualizations and design styles on the NBC News results pages, which included national Presidential, House, Senate and all state races. I wrote a novel implementation of D3.js to render server-side, developed's Node.js app, and contributed to our AP socket results API integration.

D3.js on TV (election night)

NBC News and MNSBC used D3.js to render maps on election night. I led an initial pitch for the concept and was a manager of its implementation.


Bayesian/Frequentist multilevel model experiments

Recent repos with demographic and election experiments with Stan/ARM in R. Repos and data tk.

Media strategy writing

I've written about the media for Nieman Lab, CJR, Google and The Content Strategist, a publication I helped found with former colleagues at Contently.

Reporting abroad

In separate trips, I reported from Myanmar and South Korea and from Israel, Jordan and Turkey. My Asia trip focused on politics and technology. My trip to the Middle East looked at religion and politics.

Social media

I'm on Twitter, Github and Facebook.